About Us

Everyone always asks “what made you think of this idea?”  Well, it was really a no brainer after being on vacation and taking our kids into a donut shop similar to ours.

Donuts shop are all over the United States and people wait in long lines (as we did) to get their hot, fresh donuts in the morning; sometimes even out the door and around the corner!  The small donut shop we visited was no different, and I can imagine the same experience goes on in many other big cities, but in Central New York you usually only find these amazing hot donuts in fall at our great fall festivals.

So I thought: “Why should people only get hot, fresh donuts in the fall?”

That’s where the dream started.

The name “Just Donuts” was created in the first 15 minutes of throwing ideas around.  It was right there and then I said: “We are going to do one thing and do it well!”

Just Donuts

Location?  Well that was easy, too.  We were going to open in the community where we live.  We wanted to give back to the community that has given so much to us.  No, we are not originally from here (we get that question a lot!).  We moved to the Phoenix area when we bought our first home in 1994.  We are raising our 3 boys here and our oldest will be graduating from JCB in 2016.

My husband and I both grew up with family owned businesses and we felt it was important to teach our sons about dedication, hard work and a sense of community.

We recently celebrated our 2 year Anniversary here at Just Donuts!  We have been so blessed and could have never done it without the continued support of this great community.

Thank you!